Spotlighting Canada’s Renewable Energy Leaders: Bullfrog Power

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May 18, 2022

BRC-Canada sat down with one of our advisory board members, Suha Jethalal, President of Bullfrog Power, to discuss the organization’s role in Canada’s energy transition, the exciting world of power purchase agreements, and how other organizations can get involved with renewable energy purchasing.

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Edison Energy: Investments from new corporate sectors and First Nations are catalyzing Canada’s renewables market

Press Coverage
May 11, 2022

“[In 2019] there had been two small renewable PPA transactions–there was not an active market in Alberta,” said Sara Hastings-Simon, an Expert Advisor at BRC-Canada. ... “I just think there was a lack of awareness. People aren’t totally aware that Alberta and Saskatchewan are places with excellent renewable energy resources – some of the best wind and solar resources in Canada.”

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Edison Energy: With growing corporate demand and progressive policies, Canada could be the next big thing for renewables

Press Coverage
March 9, 2022

“I have heard about corporate renewable energy markets exploding and blossoming in the States and I was thinking, why aren’t we part of this story?” said Jeremy Barretto, a partner at Canadian law firm Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP and a member of BRC-Canada’s Advisory Board. “And it’s happening, but I think it’s a very below-the-radar story. We have a market in Canada as big or bigger than New York or California that just doesn’t get any attention but it’s ripe for participation.”

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Energy Justified podcast: What is a "just" transition and how do we achieve it?

Press Coverage
March 7, 2022

Nagwan and Rachael Gradeen of YYC Shapers discuss the concept of “just” when it comes to the energy transition. What does “just” really mean in the Albertan and Canadian context? What’s being done now to achieve it? And what key pieces are still missing? This and more in this episode.

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Energi Media: Alberta leading the wind and solar revolution

Press Coverage
February 21, 2022

Markham Hislop of Energi Media speaks with our director Nagwan Al-Guneid about the renewables revolution happening in Alberta today - why now? why Alberta? - in this video interview.

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ICI Alberta: L’investissement privé dans l’énergie renouvelable s’envole en Alberta

Press Coverage
January 25, 2022

"Il y a deux ans, ce marché existait à peine. On a vu une croissance exceptionnelle. C’est grisant et c’est une très bonne nouvelle pour l’Alberta," souligne la directrice du Centre, Nagwan Al-Guneid.

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Get to know BRC-Canada's new director, Nagwan Al-Guneid

Public News
January 20, 2022

BRC-Canada sat down with our new director, Nagwan Al-Guneid, to learn more about her transition into the role and her thoughts on BRC-Canada’s future in the renewable energy space. With over a decade of industry experience and a Masters in Sustainable Development from the University of Calgary, we are thrilled to have her on board as BRC-Canada continues to play a leading role in Canada’s net-zero emissions future.

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BRC-Canada's 2021 Annual Report: State of the market, upcoming events, and more

Public News
January 19, 2022

2021 was a banner year for the growth of Canada's corporate renewables market. Our report documents this incredible growth, includes the exciting announcement of our new director, Nagwan Al-Guneid, and provides our team’s expert insights on potential market trends for 2022.

Front cover of 2021 annual report featuring messages from outgoing director Rebecca Nadel, and incoming director Nagwan Al-Guneid

We're Hiring: Administrative Coordinator

Public News
January 18, 2022

The Pembina Institute’s Calgary office is seeking an Administrative Coordinator to support the head office. This is a full-time role and open immediately. This role supports three functions in the organization: Strategic Partnerships, the Business Renewables Centre (BRC) Canada (an initiative with the Pembina Institute), and Finance & Operations. This role has an interface with key partners, sponsors, and members as well as different internal teams with multiple priorities. Therefore, superior interpersonal skills and customer service are essential for this role. This role is responsible for providing coordination and clerical services.

Deal Tracker Update - 2021 Q4

Public News
January 12, 2022

The BRC-Canada Deal Tracker is a one-stop shop to visualize publicly disclosed corporate and institutional deals for Canadian renewable energy projects. Here are the highlights this past quarter (Q4 2021) and a reflection on this record-setting year.

Deal Tracker Q4

Public Newsletter (Fall 2021)

Public News
November 3, 2021

Read our Fall 2021 public newsletter to find out what's been happening in the BRC-Canada community and in the corporate renewables space! Hightlights: Check out our most recent deal tracker update, watch videos of fall public webinars and learn more about new BRC-Canada members.

Deal Tracker Update - 2021 Q3

Public News
October 1, 2021

The BRC-Canada Deal Tracker is a one-stop shop to visualize publicly disclosed corporate and institutional deals for Canadian renewable energy projects. Here are the highlights this quarter (Q3 2021).

Deal tracker Q3 2021

Journal of Commerce: $700-million Travers Solar Project largest farm ever built in Canada

Press Coverage
September 20, 2021

The Business Renewables Centre of Canada says 2021 is already breaking records for corporate renewable energy deals and Alberta is leading the way. Every one of the deals to date this year means shovels in the ground for Alberta.

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Deal Tracker Update - 2021 Q2

Public News
July 11, 2021

The BRC-Canada Deal Tracker 2021 Q2 Update is now available! 

In April, BRC-Canada launched its inaugural Deal Tracker, Canada’s first public curation capturing corporate procurement of renewable energy. At the time, deals announced in 2021 alone had already surpassed any previous year. Now, as a newly updated Deal Tracker is published at this year’s halfway mark, that record has been smashed again.

Here are the highlights for this quarter:

Deal tracker 2021 Q2

New BRC analyst!

Public News
June 30, 2021

A big welcome to our new analyst Calvin Ng. Calvin holds a bachelor of commerce with a concentration in energy management from the University of Calgary. He previously worked at a solar installation company and then as a sustainability analyst with a procurement services provider, where he developed supply chain procurement road-maps combined with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a comprehensive database for industry-wide use.

Calvin Ng

Financial Post: Amazon's solar farm offtake deal to accelerate Alberta's renewable energy transformation

Press Coverage
June 21, 2021

“What we’re certainly seeing is strong, strong growth of solar in Alberta and corporate deals being behind that boom,” Rebecca Nadel, director of the Business Renewables Centre at the Pembina Institute told the Financial Post. “Almost 90 per cent of the operating solar that we have has a corporate deal behind it.”

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Calgary Herald: Varcoe: 'The tip of the iceberg' as Amazon and Labatt sign renewable power deals in Alberta

Press Coverage
April 21, 2021

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” said Rebecca Nadel, director of Business Renewables Centre Canada, which helps bring together corporate buyers and sellers of renewable energy. “Amazon brings that scale to the game. And it’s just further affirmation that this trend we are seeing is significant and not going to let up.”

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CBC News: Amazon unveils plan for major solar power project in southern Alberta

Press Coverage
April 19, 2021

Project to produce more than 195,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy

"Amazon's announcement … is the largest known solar virtual power purchase agreement in Canada. This transaction expands Amazon's leadership as a corporate buyer of renewable energy into Canada and is further evidence of the growth and viability of the Canadian renewables market," said Rebecca Nadel, director of the Business Renewables Centre, which is part of the Pembina Institute. 

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CBC News: Could selling renewable energy be Alberta's next big thing?

Press Coverage
October 17, 2019

Sara Hastings-Simon, director of the Pembina's Business Renewables Centre, says this is part of a trend. 

"We're talking about the practice of corporate institutions purchasing renewables to meet their own electricity demand. And this is a really well-established driver for renewable energy development in the U.S.," she said. "You may be hearing headlines like Google, Apple and others that are buying renewables and we're helping to bring this practice to Canada."

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Calgary Herald: Renewables marketplace looking to take off in Alberta

Press Coverage
October 17, 2019

At a first-of-its-kind event in Calgary on Thursday, the members of 

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Financial Post: How Calgary became an unlikely location for a creative solar solution

Press Coverage
July 30, 2019

“One of the question that always comes up is, ‘If solar and wind has gotten so cost competitive, then why don’t we see a ton of it being developed all over,’ and the challenge there is no longer a technological one but it’s a financing model one,” said Sara Hastings-Simon, director of Business Renewables Centre Canada. 

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