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  • Hitting BRC-Canada's 2-gigawatt target - three years early: That's enough to power 640,000 homes – more than all the homes in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer combined. The deals to-date have brought $3.75 billion in investments and 4,500 jobs to Alberta, and BRC-Canada participating organizations have been involved in over 90% of all private deals for new renewable energy. Read more here.

  • City of Edmonton locks in 100% renewable energy for the next 20 years: BRC-Canada participant City of Edmonton is leading the way on municipal procurement of renewables from private companies, announcing two PPAs with BRC-Canada participants Capstone Infrastructure and BluEarth Renewables at the end of June. And the PPA for Capstone's Wild Rose 2 Wind Farm has the distinct milestone of being the largest long-term procurement of renewable energy by a Canadian city to date. Read more here.




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Details on deals and projects, as well as other information on corporate renewable developments and trends in Canada, are exclusively available to participating organizations of BRC-Canada.

About the Deal Tracker

The primary goal of the Deal Tracker is increased public awareness of the initiatives corporate buyers are taking to procure renewable energy for their own targets and for emissions reduction obligations. Transactions in the Deal Tracker consist of renewable energy projects where a corporation or institutional buyer has announced or disclosed an agreement to support the growth of renewable energy in Canada.

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