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The Dutch Wind Consortium

The Dutch Wind Consortium PDF

Four companies—AkzoNobel, DSM, Google, and Philips—have formed a unique partnership to jointly negotiate power purchase agreements (PPAs) with wind projects in the Netherlands.

Known as the “Dutch wind consortium,” this group executed its first PPA in October 2016, enabling the construction of the 102 MW Krammer Wind Park project.

The consortium signed a second PPA in December 2016, which will lead to the construction of the 34 MW Bouwdokken Wind Park project. The consortium represents a potentially replicable model for multiple renewables buyers to aggregate their electricity demand under a single PPA deal.

This case study offers insight into the planning and execution of this model. The BRC team interviewed AkzoNobel, DSM, Google, and Philips (the consortium partners) in June 2017 to develop this case study.