About the
BRC-Canada Deal Tracker

The inaugural BRC-Canada Deal Tracker is the first public curation of announced corporate procurement of renewable energy projects in Canada. It showcases the corporate buyers who are fostering investment in Canada through their long-term procurement of renewable energy from new projects.

Exclusive information for participants

The published BRC-Canada Deal Tracker focuses on the buyers behind corporate procurement and the capacity volume of these renewable deals. Where publicly available, BRC-Canada also tracks information about the projects including total project size (where larger than the deal volume), locations, developers, energy volume under the deal, economic development attributes, contract length, type of deal, and expected or actual in-service date. More detail on deals and projects, as well as other information on corporate renewable developments and trends in Canada, are available to BRC-Canada participants.

About corporate renewable deals

Transactions in the Deal Tracker consist of renewable energy projects where a corporation or institutional buyer has announced an agreement to support the growth of renewable energy in Canada by acting as some or all of the project’s offtaker, which can include electricity and/or environmental attributes. Buyers are motivated by voluntary renewable energy commitments or compliance with emissions reduction mandates. A project’s offtakers supply the revenue price certainty and credit necessary to secure capital financing.

By enabling these renewable energy project investments, corporate and institutional buyers are advancing Canada’s progress toward our net-zero future with cost-effective, clean energy. The growth of deals shown by the BRC-Canada Deal Tracker demonstrates the accelerating interest in renewable energy procurement from major corporate electricity consumers. It also showcases the leading players in Canadian renewable energy procurement.

Criteria for inclusion

For inclusion in the BRC-Canada Deal Tracker, a deal must:

  • Be publicly announced by the parties and/or disclosed in regulatory filings or otherwise accessible in the public domain;
  • Relate to a renewable energy project that is physically located in Canada;
  • Relate to a new renewable energy project where the transaction announcement is prior to or within six months of project commissioning, or supports financial close of renewable energy infrastructure that leads to “additionality” or a material impact towards the buyer’s goals (e.g. repowering);
  • Be between a buyer and a project developer that is a distinct corporate entity from the buyer and not controlled by the buyer;
  • Employ one of the following procurement mechanisms: a physical power purchase agreement (PPA), a virtual power purchase agreement (vPPA), a green tariff, or some other deal that demonstrably contributed to the new project’s ability to secure financing or material impact (additionality); AND
  • Involve a non-utility buyer, either directly participating in the PPA or vPPA or as a purchaser or subscriber in a utility green tariff program or sleeve deal.

Note: BRC-Canada reserves the right to add to or amend these criteria as new deal innovations arise and new jurisdictions and electricity systems in Canada become hosts to business renewables.