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Webinar: Expanding the Ambition - Jurisdictional Expansion Opportunities

This webinar, hosted November 23, 2022, focused on the need to expand corporate procurement of renewable energy to jurisdictions beyond Alberta. The Business Renewables Centre-Canada target of two gigawatts of renewable energy was reached in 2022, but it was all in Alberta. BRC-Canada released its new target of 10 GW by 2030 during this webinar. There was a brief discussion on how this new target was arrived at, followed by insight into how so much progress was possible in Alberta and how progress is being made in other jurisdictions. 


  • Stephen Cookson - Director of Development and Origination, RES
  • Maxime St.-Denis - National Manager for Climate Action, GHG and Energy, Public Services and Procurement Canada, National Centre of Expertise 
  • Leigh-Anne Thurber - Senior Analyst, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
  • Jason Chee-Aloy - Managing Director, Power Advisory